The Evans Family


The Evans Family

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The Evans Family is a multi generation family group of singers and musicians whose passion is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with the giftings He has given, playing and singing to bless others and to teach people about the love of God.


Our new family CD ‘Higher Ground’ IS HERE!
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‘The Captains Daughter – Taylah Evans

The Captains Daughter

Historical fiction, written by Taylah Evans. In stock Now!

“Revenge, intrigue, a little bit of romance, and the power Christ’s love and forgiveness can have in a life. When a sudden tragedy shatters Brooke Pentair’s world, she finds herself with huge responsibility placed on her shoulders. Struggling with her own swirling emotions, and the necessity to step up to the plate and act, the last thing in the world she feels like doing, causes her to cry out to her God for help and guidance. Little did she know that in fulfilling her duty, she would make a shocking discovery, unlocking a family secret that had been hidden her entire life. Now in a race against time that may cost her life, Brooke must fight for what she knows to be true and right in God’s sight.”



Would you like the ability to sing some of our song arrangements? Do you know a choir or vocal ensemble that could benefit from some new music? Then jump on our store and take a look at the range of new sheet music available, including some of the songs and arrangements that are on our CD!

Arrangements include vocal parts and piano score.


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